Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please pray

UPDATE: Madison is out of surgery. Thank you for praying! The doctors were able to remove the mass. It will be a few more days before they know more about what the mass is. Thank you so much for praying for her and her family. Hundreds of people joined in prayer today for this sweet girl. And I know God heard every prayer.

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When we were in California we were able to spend time with some of our best friends, Brian and Marny. Luke has been friends with Brian and Marny since high school, and I have been friends with them since I started dating Luke. They have two daughters, Madison (9) and Reagan (4). Silas and Reagan are best friends.

A week ago tonight, we were at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with them- and had a great time. I rode on the sky glider with Madison and Eliana. Luke, Reagan, and Silas were on the chair in front of us, and Madison kept yelling, at the top of her lungs, up to Luke. She was just being silly, and she looked at me and said, "I am so funny!" I totally cracked me up. We were sad to good-bye to them on Wednesday on our way to the airport. 

On Thursday, Marny noticed a bump on Madison's stomach. She took her into the doctor. The doctor told them to take her into the hospital on Friday for an ultrasound and CAT scan. On Friday, after taking her to the hospital, they were told that Madison has a 14cm mass in her stomach and were referred to an oncologist. "Oncologist" is a word that a parent never wants to hear in regards to their child. 

Today they went to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital to meet with an oncologist and have more tests done. Madison was admitted after her appointment and surgery was moved from Friday to today. The results of the tests are not back yet, but her stomach is become more swollen from this mass. She has also lost her appetite.

Please join me in praying for Madison as she has surgery today. 
~Pray that the doctors will clearly see everything that needs to be removed. Pray that they will be able to quickly diagnose what is going on and figure out what needs to happen next.
~This is the first time Madison has had surgery. Pray for peace for her. Pray that she will be brave. Pray that she would not have any negative side effects to the anesthesia. 
~Pray for Brian, Marny, and their family during this difficult time. Pray for peace and comfort.
~Pray for supernatural healing from God. God is still in the business of miracles!

One miracle has already happened. In the morning at 7:30AM, eight different specialist will be meeting to discuss Madison's case, review her tests and CAT scans. The doctor that informed them of this meeting said that it was very unusual for these eight doctors to be here the same morning and all be able to meet about this. Some may think, what a coincidence! I say, thank you Jesus! And thank you to the many of you already praying for her. 

Here is a picture from last week at the Boardwalk
Top: Madison
Bottom: Silas and Reagan


Anne Hartley said...

Praying for your friends...

Cristina said...

Absolutely praying! Thank you Lord for already showing you are in this.

welchfam said...

We definitely have been praying!