Thursday, September 8, 2011

So much to blog about...

I am so behind on blogging! I like to do things in chronological order, so I need to finish up the recap of our trip to California. Since we returned from California (almost a month ago now!), much has happened. Here is a little update about the last month:

~A great friend from California, Allyson, came to visit us. We had a great time with her! We went up into the mountains, to Manitou Springs, Garden of the Gods, plus some of our favorite places to eat. (Chick-fil-a two times!)

~I got a job! I am working 10 hours a week at Silas' preschool doing administrative assistant stuff, much of which can be done from home.

~My grandmother died and we took a trip to Kentucky for her funeral. I will blog more about that later. My sister wrote a beautiful blog about my grandmother, who we called Nannie. You can read it here.

~Silas started preschool. Well, sort of. The first day was an open house with parents. His first official day is tomorrow. I completely failed as a parent and remembered a few things that needed to be done for tomorrow which involved Silas helping. Let's just say he was up way too late tonight.

~I worked out for the first time in 6 weeks today. I went in naively optimistic. I figured I would do an hour on the elliptical like I always do. Well after about 1 minute of doing the elliptical, I realized that maybe 30 minutes was a better goal for today. About 1.5 minutes later (NO JOKE!) I had the worst side ache of my life- and I had only been on the machine for a total of 2.5 minutes! I decided that maybe 15 minutes was a more realistic goal. I quit after 8 minutes. True Story. 6 weeks ago I was doing the elliptical for 60-70 minutes a few times a week. Lesson learned: Don't take long breaks from working out.

My kids make me a laugh every single day. They say the funniest things! One of the funny things that has come out of Silas' mouth lately is about hangers. Only he calls hangers, "hookers." Which is totally logical, right? :) I was recently shopping with Silas, and he saw some hangers and said, "Mom, those are some nice hookers. I think we need some new hookers!" I cracked up! I told Luke about it later that night, and Luke said that Silas had said the same thing recently when they were at Home Depot. And if you are wondering, we have not corrected him yet. :)

I will hopefully be catching up on the blog soon- and finishing the recap of summer- because it's almost over!


Sarah K said...

Brandon and I need to purchase some more wood "hookers" - now such a mundane household thing will be hilarious forever! Laughed till there were tears in my eyes.

Cristina said...

So funny to hear the things our kids say! When it's sprinkling outside, Nate says it's sparkling! Way to go on the job! Sorry for the loss of your will be special to read that post about her.

Mrs. Hawk said...

Hookers...HA HA!