Saturday, August 6, 2011

Students turned to Friends

May we had a girl from our church in California stay with us for one night. Aimee is someone who I have known for quite a few years. I was her counselor one summer at camp. She volunteered in Children's Church with the elementary students at our church along with her friend Cassie. They were responsible, fun, and just all around great girls to work with. I loved the weeks that volunteered when I worked because they were reliable and did a great job with the kids. Anyways, Aimee was out in Colorado for a quick trip and stayed with us for a night. We had a great time having breakfast with her and just talking about life and how college is going. She is half way done with college and after hearing how things are going, I can say I am very proud of the woman she is and the choices she is making!

Having her here made me think of the many great students I have had the chance to work with over the years. I volunteered with our Jr. High and High School group in Minnesota for about 5 years, and with the High School group in California for about 3 years. Being a part of the lives of these kids was so fun! I loved working with youth groups over the years- lots of great memories of retreats, missions trips, camping trips, and the regular every week get togethers. One of the reasons I love facebook is that it gives me the opportunity to easily stay connected with people. I love seeing what lots of these girls are doing these days. The girls I worked with in Minnesota are all grown up now. Most of them are married, many of them are moms, some of them are involved in full time ministry themselves now. The girls I worked with in California are growing up too. One of them got married in June and another one is getting married in September. Some of them are still in college, and some of them are working full time in some sort of ministry.

I am so thankful for the many years of volunteering in youth ministry. I met Luke at church while volunteering with the high school group. Some of my best friends are friends that I made while volunteering. And now that these "kids" that I worked with in youth group are growing up, they are not just kids I used to work with; they are friends that I love. People who I hope will always be a part of my life- people who I am so thankful I had the opportunity work with years ago- and so blessed to call them friends today.

I wrote this post in May and never posted it because I wanted to dig up some pictures to post with it. I finally found some pictures and scanned them (sorry for the poor quality). Today I am so happy that we are in California and I have the opportunity to attend the bridal shower of one of the girls I worked with at Los Gatos Christian. Cassie is an amazing young woman- and though I am sad I will be missing her wedding day, I am happy that I can celebrate with her today. Cassie, I am thankful you are a part of my life! I loved being your leader in the high school group- and love being your friend today. It's been a joy to see God work in and through your life. I am excited to see how God uses you and Bart in the future!

The first girls I worked with at Grace Church...
Me and Katie

Breanna and Heather

Grace Girls: Round Two
Shannon, Rachelle, Lizzie, Vanessa,
me, Jackie J, and Becca

Me and Jennifer

Me, Cassandra, Shannon, Kelli, Lizzie,
Vanessa, Becca, Ashley, and Melissa

Los Gatos Christian Girls
Maeve, Cassie, me, Lindsay, and Heather

Cabin at Hume from 2004

Cabin at Hume  from 2006- we were "Mad about Plaid"
I miss summers at Hume Lake!

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