Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SoCal- Part 1

We started our trip in California in the San Diego area; specifically Carlsbad, home to my brother and his beautiful kids. We had a great visit with Michael, Jordan, and Madison. As always, our kids loved seeing their cousins. We had fun at the beach, went to my brother's softball game, ate some great food, and just hung out. I wish we could go back tomorrow. Really.

Went to Phil's BBQ after the softball game. So good!

On Saturday morning, my brother went to tennis match with a friend from work. We stayed home with all of the kids and decided to head to the beach. My brother lives across the street from the ocean, so we just walked over. I am sure we were quite the spectacle walking with all 5 kids, a beach chair, towels, snacks, and an umbrella. I looked at Luke and said, "I bet people are looking at thinking, Have you heard of birth control?" We laughed... We got down to the beach and got set up. The family we were sitting next to kept looking at us. Finally, the dad asked, "Are all of those yours?" We laughed again and told him that only 3 of them were. My brother joined us at the beach not long after we arrived. We had fun. Silas and Jordan got knocked over by a wave- and that was the end of Silas' time in the water. Levi slept under the umbrella the whole time we were there. And somehow, he got burnt on half of his body. I will spare you the pictures, because it just makes me look bad. But really, who knew he needed sunscreen?!? He was in the shade!

Levi sleeping in the shade...

I love the ocean!

Madison playing in the sand.

Me, Eliana, Michael, Jordan, and Silas.
Eliana... just looking cute!

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