Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vacation Update

We are having a great time on our vacation. But honestly? We might need a vacation to recover from our vacation! We are having a lot of fun, but there have been many late nights and not a lot of naps. We have hung out with great friends, visited family, and eaten LOTS of delicious food. We have swam in the ocean, a lake, and a pool. We have traveled from southern California to northern California (San Diego to Redding). It's been great. We have a few more days left- and lots of fun things yet to do! :)

Today we went to our old church, Venture Christian Church. When we drove into the parking lot, I was overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. Excitement and happiness to be there and see so many people who were a part of our lives. But I was sad too. We have so many memories at the church- it was a huge part of life in California. Luke and I met at church. We both volunteered there. We both worked there. We were married there. Our children were dedicated there. So many memories- and even though we are happy in Colorado there is still a sense of sadness that this chapter of our life is over. I told Luke the other day that in a way I envy people that have lived the same place their whole lives- because they don't know what else they are missing. I love Colorado and am really happy there. But when we go back to Minnesota or California, I feel like I am ready to live there too. I love all three places I have lived and each place still feels like home.

I will leave you with a few cute things from today that brought a smile to my face...
Tonight when Luke sat down to read with Silas and Eliana before bed, Silas said we had to read this:
We forgot to bring Silas' Bible and devotion book on our trip. We read out of them every night at home. So tonight he said, "Mommy, we need to read this book every night because it's sort of like the Bible." I thought that was cute.

Right now I am sitting in the room waiting for Silas and Eliana to fall asleep. We are listening to a PraiseBaby CD and Eliana is softly singing along with all of the songs. When I realized it, my heart melted a little. It was precious- and I realized how quickly she is growing up!

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