Monday, June 13, 2011

We love books! Vol. 1

At our house, we love to read. (Ok, Luke doesn't love to read... but I do, and the kids do too!). We read to the kids before nap time and bedtime and throughout the day too. I thought it might be fun to share some of our favorite children's books in case you are looking for some good books for a special child in your life. If you have any favorite books, please share them in the comments. We go to the library weekly and are always on the hunt for good books.

Thank You God!
We gave Eliana this book for her second birthday and it has quickly become a favorite at our house. It's a board book (so not super long) and the illustrations are very cute. The book is about thanking God- for everything from our home to our family. Being thankful is something we are already trying to teach our children- so this is a good book to help do that.

Snuggle Puppy
We love all of our Sandra Boynton books! Her board books were some of the first books we bought for Silas, and we are still reading them today. (Some of them are pretty beat up!) Sandra Boynton's books are fun and silly. Snuggle Puppy is a cute book that is all about how much you love your child (or grandchild). My kids are my little snuggle buddies, so I especially like to read this book at nap time or bedtime.

That's Not My Sister
Silas received this book as a gift when Eliana was born. It's a fun story about two mooses (is that even a word?!?). Manny and Molly are brother and sister and the book follows them through a game of hide and seek. It's a very cute story with great illustrations. Eliana recently discovered this book and now she loves it too!

Shopping with Dad
Silas got this book from my sister and her family for his birthday. This is a fun book about going grocery shopping with dad. And let's face it, we know what that's like. Silas loves this book!

The Great Pig Escape

This is a library favorite. The author has also written the "Five Little Monkeys" books (also favorites at our house). This is a silly story about pigs escaping from their owners right before going to the market (ie: being turned into bacon). The pigs are hidden throughout the book, dressed up as people, trying to avoid being caught. It's a fun one for kids, and as a parent, I enjoy it too!

Here is further proof of our love for reading. Silas, sitting on the ground in Costco, looking at books...

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