Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things on Thursday

#1- Updates from last week's "Three Things on Thursday." We got our computer back from Apple- all fixed and for free. Seriously, I love Apple.... Along the lines of yogurt now. We did not make it for our free Pinkberry. I kind of forgot about it on Thursday and told the kids we would go swimming after dinner. We didn't have time for both. And guess what? I received an email from a new blog friend, Meredith, and  neighbor (seriously, she lives a few blocks away from me but we haven't met in real life yet)... anyways, she said that she heard from her friend who was at Pinkberry the night of the grand opening and the line was 2.5 hours long. So glad we did not go. I love free, but my time is worth something too. We hit up another new yogurt place on Friday night, LuLu's Frozen Yogurt. Absolutely delicious. They have 16 frozen yogurt flavors- some of them are sugar-free and gluten-free options. Lots of toppings- fruit, cereal, candy. The kids especially loved it- so many choices for them to make! If you live in Colorado Springs, this is a place worth checking out.

#2- Note to self: when shutting the back of the van, be sure you are standing far enough away so that when you pull the door down, you don't hit yourself in the head. Yep, I learned this one the hard way today. And boy, did my head HURT! I was a little dazed and instantly had a huge bump. There were tears- quite a few of them. And I rarely cry. (During the birth of all my kids, I think the only pointed I ever cried was because they refused to allow me to eat anything and I was sure I was going to starve to death. Thank you Kaiser!). My head was instantly pounding. Worst. Headache. Ever. So through my tears I called Luke and he took the afternoon off. I was so thankful that he came home because I could hardly function. I slept for 5.5 hours and woke up feeling a little better. (And yes, Luke woke me up regularly during my long nap.) So lesson learned. Be more careful when shutting the car doors.

#3- Jim Gaffigan. Have you heard of? If not, you are missing out. He is a hilarious comedian. My younger brother first introduced his videos to us. And he is my favorite comedian now. I follow him on twitter and his tweets make me laugh almost every single day. One time while watching one of his videos (one that I had seen a million times) I almost spit water all over the computer from laughing so hard. Needless to say, Luke was not amused by this. You can watch some of his video segments on youtube, as well as catch some specials on Comedy Central. Here is one that I really like- and for the record, I actually do like camping.

The weekend is almost here- have a great Thursday!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm sorry about your head--OUCH!

That video was funny--very funny!

I think I'm going to "borrow" your Three Things on Thursday idea for a post this morning.

Oh, and about the strawberry picking thing you asked me about? I really don't know of any place to do that. Let me ask my friend in Denver though. I know she's been to one. Sorry your experience (and berries) were disappointing. I'm telling you though that those berries from Costco have been delicious lately!

Cristina said...

Hope your head it better! I have done the same thing...except I hit my nose! A friend of mine actually broke her nose doing the same thing. A lesson you only need to learn once! :-)

Love the idea of this post.