Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am a BIG fan of "Parenthood" on NBC. When the show started last year, I was impartial to watching it. But Luke watched it, so I started watching it by default. It didn't take long before it became a favorite show for me. If you haven't watched "Parenthood," it's about three generations of the Braverman family that live in Berkley, CA. I have heard countless times from others that "Parenthood" is one of the most real shows on television today. It's just about regular family life- the good and the bad. It deals with lots of real life issues in very believable story lines. The writers of the show do a great job not only writing the story, but in making each character very believable and real to the viewer.

One of the biggest things I love about "Parenthood" is watching the Braverman family live life together and support each other. Zeke and Camille Braverman, the patriarchs of the family, are parents to four adult children. I love watching the four siblings interact. They bicker and pick on each other at times, but there is a definite bond and love between them all- and they are always there for each other. Whenever I watch "Parenthood," I find myself thinking of my three siblings- and wishing that there was a way for us to live closer and be a part of each others every day lives. Kelly, Michael, and Jonathan were my first friends in life- and today they remain some of my best friends. I would love for my children to grow up seeing their cousins every week. I would love to attend games and dance recitals for my nieces and nephews. I would love to be able to celebrate birthdays and holidays together. I would love to have the chance to spend more times with my siblings and their spouses, because they are truly some of my most favorite people in the world.

That being said, I am so happy that we do live close to my parents and are able to have them be a part of our lives. I remember in high school thinking that the most important people in the world to me were my friends. Well, I now realize the most important people are my family. Watching "Parenthood" reminds me to be thankful for my family, and the relationships I have with them- and to treasure the time I am able to spend with them... Friends can come and go, but family is forever.


Mrs. Hawk said...
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Mrs. Hawk said...

I also love that show! And I know that I am not a member of your family but we'll be friends forever, Emily. I just know it...and with that said, I owe you a phone call! Tomorrow! Love and miss you! (oh, and I deleted my first comment because I stated a last name, and I don't like to do that).

Adrian said...

I just started watching Parenthood, catching up on season 1, and I like it a lot! Billy made a comment along the lines of "oh, you and your shows that get all too real and emotional!" Then he put on the second episode ;)

Emily said...

Adrian- Parenthood is amazing! So glad you have started watching it- you won't regret it! :)