Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Levi's Birth Story- Part Two

Well after our son arrived, the next big hurdle was naming him. We had a short list of names we liked: Mathias, Josiah, and Levi. I remember when he was a few minutes old looking at him as they cleaned him up, and I thought to myself, "He's a Josiah!" So Luke walked over to me and I asked him, what do you think about a name? And then the fun began... :) I didn't want to tell him I was thinking Josiah, because I wanted his honest opinion. I wanted us both to be sure about the name we would be giving to our little boy. So a few hours later, we were in our post-delivery room and the conversation came up again. Luke told me he was thinking Mathias. My response was, "Really?" So we continued to talk name choices for the next day... My top name choice was Josiah. My bottom name choice was Mathias. Luke's top name choice was Mathias. His bottom name choice was Josiah. So for both of us, the middle name choice was Levi- which happens to mean "unity." Levi also happens to also be a family name on Luke's side of the family. Levi is also a common Amish name (and I happen to be slightly obsessed with Amish people). :) So we decided on Levi- and I am sure it was the right name for him. I love the name and it just fits him perfectly.

About three hours after Levi was born, his first visitors arrived. His big brother and sister came for a visit, along with my parents. They, of course, were completely smitten with him. :) We were a little worried with how Eliana would do not being the baby anymore. She is quite possessive, especially of Luke. When Luke hugs Silas after work, Eliana has been known to come running with tears in her eyes, yelling "No Daddy!" Yes, she is our strong willed child. Anyways, all of our worries were for nothing. From the moment Eliana laid eyes on Levi, she was in love. She wanted to hold him- and when she was finally given the opportunity, she didn't want to give him back.

Eliana holding Levi

We had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after birth. Initially, I was not thrilled about that. After my other babies were born, I stayed a little over 24 hours (and only one night). But honestly, this hospital was really nice- and I am glad that we stayed longer! :) The food was good- I had a room service type menu that I could order off of. I had cable (and watched a lot of episodes of "Cake Boss"). And it was quiet! I loved having time to bond with Levi. Luke came by himself for a couple of hours each day and brought the kids over each day also.

Luke with his newest man-child. :)

My parents with their 9th grandchild!
I was discharged on Saturday mid-afternoon- and we headed home with our new baby boy. And life hasn't been the same since- in a very good way. Welcome to the world Levi! You are a blessing from God and we are so happy that you are a part of our family.

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