Friday, April 29, 2011

Update on the Little Ones... (and life in general)

It's been 5 weeks since Levi has joined our family and let me tell you, it's been awesome! The adjustment to being a family of 5 has gone great. We had been warned by some of our friends that child #3 can push you over the edge because suddenly you are outnumbered. Obviously, we are only 5 weeks into life as a family of 5. But I can say for now, so far so good! I have braved the grocery store, library, church, and Target by myself with all 3 kids and we have all survived.

Levi is doing great! He had a doctors appointment today because the poor little guy has developed a case of thrush (read: also, poor mom!). He weighed in at 9lbs 11oz. He seems to get a little chubbier and cuter each day! I remain completely smitten with him.

Eliana turned 2 on April 17th- which is hard to believe. I had intended to post her birth story on her birthday, but that is still on the "to do" list... Being that she is the second child, it amazes me how much she picks up from Silas. She knows most of her alphabet and can sing "Jesus Loves Me." Her favorite thing to say is, "I do it!"- she is very independent. 

Last week we visited the preschool that Silas will be attending in the fall. It's hard to believe he will be starting preschool! Silas loves to read stories out of his Bible each night. We read the Easter story a few times. This was the first time he seemed to understand the meaning of Easter- on the level a 4 year old can at least... He would tell me that Jesus was nailed to a cross and died- and a few days later the women went to the place where Jesus' body was- but He was gone because He was alive! 

A few other random updates/funny things:
-Last Wednesday morning we were woken up at 6:20AM by our doorbell ringing. I thought I was dreaming, but Luke went to the door anyways. To our shock, a police officer was at our door. He informed us that a train was leaking hydrochloric acid a few blocks from our house and our neighborhood was under a mandatory evacuation. Luke asked how long we had to get out and the officer said we needed to get out as quickly as possible. (Obviously, easier said then done when you are talking about packing up 3 kids). And we were told to be prepared for the evacuation to last for 24-48 hours. Awesome. This is so not the way I like to start days. So we packed up as quickly as possible (read: about a half an hour)- and evacuated to my parents house... The spill was cleaned up by late on Wednesday night and we were able to return home on Thursday.

-Last week when shopping at Costco, we were making a light lunch of all the samples. One of the samples was peanut butter filled pretzels. I got each of us a sample. Silas loved them; Eliana did not. She ate one of them and handed me her little cup. I started eating the rest of Eliana's pretzels (why? I have no idea because I didn't really like them either...). After I ate one of Eliana's remaining pretzels, Silas looked at me and said, "I'll have the rest of those!" After he finished all of them he looked at Eliana and said, "Eliana, why didn't you eat you them? You like pretzels. You like peanut butter. They're peanut butter pretzels!!" It was so clear cut for him, it just cracked me up.

-Luke's parents came out for a visit this week and we are having a great time! The kids are loving having grandpa and grandma here- there has been lots of showing off, games, book reading, and playing. We are so happy they could come out and see our life here in Colorado.

I will leave you with a a few pictures of the kids...

Levi ~ 4 weeks old
Silas and Eliana on Easter morning

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