Monday, July 11, 2011

Through Silas' eyes...

Silas loves to take pictures. He is definitely his father's son. The other night I gave him my camera and let him go around the house taking pictures. You can tell what's important in his life by the following pictures...

Levi- his favorite (and only) brother

Me and Eliana

These are Silas' favorite toys- a rescue helicopter, police car,
and ambulance.  He can often be overheard pretending
a "rescue" of some sorts. It's very cute. 

Toys- an important thing in life.

His bed, with his favorite bed buddy, whose name is "Curious George."

Looking out the window by the front door.
We often hang up "projects" in this window.

His wildflowers are beginning to sprout.
He checks their progress daily.

A favorite book, "Otis." Silas LOVES to read.

Luke with Levi. Silas loves his daddy!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love the idea of giving your child the camera to "document" the things they love! Hope VBS is going well for you this week!!!

Cristina said...

That is so cute and such a great idea.