Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summertime Fun

We are having a great time with my sister and her family this week. We have been to the park, swimming at the Y, and to Focus on the Family to play. (Up tomorrow: a water park). Plus we have had hours of playing and just being silly. And, who could forget, FOOD! We have grilled out (AKA: barbecued) and had a picnic. We have also eaten at Chick-fil-a, Chili's, BJ's Brewery (pizookies!), and LuLu's Frozen Yogurt.

For my sister's family and my family, bedtime is flexible- especially in the summer. For my family, when it's light out later, somehow we end up always doing things late in the evenings- and the kids end up being up late. Last Friday night we were at Target- until they closed! On Sunday night, we were at Kohl's until they closed- and then went grocery shopping. So we thought nothing of going out for frozen yogurt at 8:30pm last night. Sugar before bedtime? Not a problem in our family! That's the benefit to going to bed late... they are tired enough that sugar doesn't effect them. And the added bonus for me is they sleep in the next day! 

Me and Natalie... Natalie was my first niece- she will turn
10 years old next week. Hard to believe!

Kelly, Corey, Kieran, and Natalie- love her expression. :)

Luke's frozen yogurt
My frozen yogurt

Luke and I are similar in lots of way- yet so different in others. One way we are different is dessert. My motto when it comes to dessert is: "If it's not chocolate, it's not dessert." While Luke does like chocolate things, he also loves fruity things- and considers them dessert. Luke's frozen yogurt choice: Summer Lime and Razzmatazz. No toppings. My frozen yogurt choice: Fudgesicle. Toppings: M&M's, brownie pieces, cookie dough, and peanut butter cups. 

My parents, AKA: Papa and Grammie (or Gaga)

This little guy is always smiling... even when missing out
on yummy stuff like frozen yogurt!

Best Buds: Silas and Connor

Luke and Teyla 

Kieran trying the lime frozen yogurt... :)

Eliana, AKA: Miss Messy Face

LuLu's Frozen Yogurt....

is good to the...

very last drop!


Cristina said...

What a fun outing! Love the family pics. Glad you're having a great time!!!

Mrs. Hawk said...

Do you ever call your mom Lady Gaga?