Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Kids!

Here are a few short videos of the kids... Hope they put a smile on your face. 

Levi turned 2 months old this week- hard to believe! He's a great baby- sleeps well, eats great, and smiles all the time. I am so in love with him- this is evident in my "baby voice." My whole tone of voice changes when I talk to Levi, which I didn't even realize until I heard myself on video. :)

Every evening when Luke is on his way home from work, he calls me when he is a few minutes away from home. I let the kids know that daddy is almost home. They throw on their shoes and run to wait on the front porch. Once his car starts to pull in, they jump and squeal. I always say they are a great welcoming committee. I tried to catch a little of the anticipation and excitement on video. I love the joy that Silas and Eliana have each day when Luke comes home. I am so thankful that Silas, Eliana, and Levi have such an amazing daddy!

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Marny said...

The girls and I loved them!!! Keep the videos coming, we love to see your fam! :o)