Friday, April 13, 2012

And life changes again...

Again, not a lot of blogging. I have great intentions of blogging, but it just doesn't happen in reality right now. Maybe it has a little something to do with three little ones. And a fourth on the way. That's right! We are pregnant again- due (as of now) on November 8th. Though we did want one more baby, this was sooner then we were planning, thus quite a surprise! But a good one. I went to the doctor pretty much the day after I found out I was pregnant. I knew that there were risks with being pregnant and having thyroid issues. Well five tubes of blood and many tests later, my doctor told me that I have Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder. So NOT postpartum thyroiditis like I had hoped. So the Graves makes this a high risk pregnancy. Needless to say, after having three basically typical pregnancies, it's a little overwhelming/frightening. And thus, the whole learning to trust God thing is forefront yet again. Maybe this time I will learn better. :)

So the biggest reason I share the news about my pregnancy is that I am asking for you to pray. Pray that this pregnancy goes well. Pray that the baby develops perfectly. Pray that the Graves disease will not be passed to the baby. Pray that the baby will be able to be born full term and that he or she will be healthy. Pray that the doctors will be able to the prescribe the appropriate medicine to keep the Graves under control. Pray that through this whole journey ahead that both Luke and I will learn to trust God in a new way.

I did some research on Graves and found that naturopaths believe that one of the main causes of Graves is stress. Well we have had a bit of stress in our lives over the last two years (quitting jobs, moving, finding new jobs, pregnancy, financial). Thus, I do believe that it is possible that this has been caused by stress. The two most common ways to treat Graves are pretty drastic (radioactive treatment to kill your thyroid or having surgery to remove it). I am considering alternative options that might be a better and not so permanent fit. Graves can go into remission or disappear completely. And when Graves appears after a pregnancy? Sometimes a subsequent pregnancy will actually cause Graves to disappear. So friends, there is another prayer request. Pray that after this pregnancy, the Graves will be gone. That would be awesome.

One thing I am so thankful for is my endocrinologist. I was referred to her by my OBGYN. And this endocrinologist1? She is also an OBGYN. So the only patients she treats are those who are pregnant with thyroid issues. And she only sees patients one morning a week. She is one of the doctors doing research and writing papers on thyroid issues while pregnant. So I don't have just any old doctor to help treat this- I have an amazing doctor who is very knowledgable and truly an expert in this field.

So there you have it! The newest news in our life- exciting and joyful, but a little scary too. Thank you for caring and for praying!


Chella Bella said...

Emily- I am speechless as I lay here recovering from the stomach flu, looking at my 5 month old as my 2 crazies drive daddy nuts in the next room. I will pray dear sister and know that I have compassion so deep for a situation such as yours. I really care and will hold you close in heart during the next vital months. The Lord will reveal Himself in a mighty way to you and Luke during this time, I am sure. All my love!

Sarah K said...

We're definitely praying tons for you! I am so happy ro look forward to meeting Baby #4. Hopefully high risk will translate only to extra time and attention while #4 is in the womb. Love you!

Nell said...

Wow Emily, congrats on the newest baby and I'll be praying for your health! Let's have dinner soon!