Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Things on Thursday- Kids Edition

1. Silas... I cannot believe this boy will be 5 in January! He says funny things every day that crack us up. Lately, when we tell him something, he will say, "You've got to be kidding me!" Always makes us smile. He is loving preschool- and the new friends he is making there. Today at school they had a Pumpkin Party. He dressed up as a firefighter. They paraded through the offices and had special activities. After school today, he told me, "Mom, this is a really fun day!"

2. Eliana... She is 2.5 going on 16. Seriously, this girl was born with a little attitude. But she completely melts us too. She is very sweet and lately has been completely enamored with Levi. When he wakes up from a nap, she runs to him and says, "Hey little guy! How are you doing?" She loves her dolls and continues to be a pack rat with about everything. I am hoping to start potty training soon. She has zero interest at this point, but I would love to be buying diapers for only one child. Silas was very motivated by candy and a reward chart when potty training. Eliana could care less. See? Kids from the same parents can be completely different!

3. Levi... This little guy is growing bigger by the day! He is 7 months old now, which is hard to believe. He is the first child I have exclusively nursed, and this week we have tried giving him bottles. It. Has. Not. Worked. Our other babies have always taken bottles, so this is new for us. We will continue trying and hopefully he will take a bottle some day soon! Levi is sitting up on his own. He isn't super excited about baby food. He has no teeth yet. And he is the happiest baby ever. His smiles light up a room!


Jeanette Mundy said...

This is so cute! I nursed Logan for 13 months..he never took a bottle, we started him on a sippy cup at 5 months and he would only drink water from it, no BM, so it was ALL me..ALL the time, LOL. The last day I nursed him was the day before I left for Laurie's wedding and when I came home he wanted nothing to do with nursing, so I never had to wean him, I guess going away for 4 days did the trick :-) Miss you!

~Allyson said...

i can't believe how big they've gotten since August!!! I miss you guys so much, and I'm glad that you love to blog/Luke loves to take pictures so I can keep up with your lives!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

They're all adorable!

So fun running into you last night. We must catch up soon!